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Hello! I’m doing a giveaway just to give some love back to all my cutie followers 

The Giveaway:

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Good luck everyone  \(◕‿◕)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Hi you guys, I don’t use this tumblr anymore. I’m using my more personal tumblr. 

Help my class group and I out by checking our page out and responding.

Help my class group and I out by checking our page out and responding. ›

Surprised father with cake and showing up at home^^ #father#birthday#cake#family#love

FUN @ Rage. @angel_jp @gabegadia @heleneezi and new friends #college#friendship#fun#rage#

Thrifting with @jarredjoseph and Eddie ^^





Oh TOP, i love you and your

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Until everything died down, she never expressed once that she was going through a hard time. She must have been suffering more than [I was], but she just constantly told me everything would be okay. We fought once, and it was because my facial expression was [bad]. When we were eating, the mood was negative, so she put her spoon down and told me, ‘Cry already’.

She told me to cry as much as I want, and I actually cried. She told me to cry it all out at that moment, and that I wasn’t someone who couldn’t beat this. I really cried like a baby. She never cried, but when I asked her, ‘It was hard, right?’ after the incident was over, she cried so much. She wanted to cry the whole time, but she’d held it in because she didn’t want me to be weak because of it.

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Yuss. Spicy crunchy shrimp in my bento 🍣🍱

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And so I start again.. #thewindupbirdchronicle#harukimurakami

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